Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Drive up the Beartooths

The Beartooth Highway finally opened up for the year :-) And, fortunately for me, it was the weekend that I didn't happen to have to work Saturday night, so I was able to spend the whole day Sunday with my beloved family. :-)

We usually go for a drive up there every Memorial Day weekend, which is when they generally open. However, this year it opened up late because of all the snow. The pictures just don't do justice to how beautiful it was! Also the fact that I didn't get all the 'good' ones because all the good stuff happened when I didn't have my camera 'ready' (Not to mention the fact that my camera is a really cheap SLOW one, so most of the stuff I tried to get ended up being just a blur...)

We heard that there were medicine wheels all over in these mountains, so we thought we seen a medicine wheel, but in reality it was a big 'peace' sign! Okayyy, so that wasn't made by the Indians!

Feeding the rock squirrels

We were fortunate to have the Kisers go with us. After like 5 trys I finally got an OK picture of Heath feeding...only I was hoping for one that had the little guy actually taking it out of Heaths hand. After that the little guy was to full to want to take anymore! Haha

David was enthralled with getting to throw snowballs at everybody again ;-)

There were like 30 feet drifts along the road. Also, in some places there were 60 feet ones. I heard it was the most snow they had since 1986 :D

Oh! This was so cool! There was a guy with some type of para-sailing type thing skiing. It was so cool to watch. He would go everywhere and anywhere he wanted.  It would be so much better than waiting for 15 min on a ski lift, only to get to come down for like 2 minutes. He got to go all day long!

That's a big waterfall type thing in the front...not snow :)

I LOVE my native state of Wyoming!!