Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random Ramblings

Ever get that feeling that there is so much going on in life and you just HAVE to write it down, but when the time comes to do just that nothing comes to mind? Yup, I've got it. Not that we've done a whole lot the last while, but maybe I could've written it all down while it was still fresh and made whole story about it and made it look like it was cool.

Like the time last week when a friend and I decided to start going to an indoor riding arena during the winter and work with our horses because we don't like to ride in the snow when the ground is slippery, so we head out and of course the ground/roads are slippery so going down the Andy Martin Hill the truck starts to fishtail and gives us a scare of our lives little thrill. What good does it do to go to the arena to avoid weather if we have to go through all that weather to get to it? Its not like its any warmer in there, everybody knows that being indoors away from the sun like that is colder than being outside. Oh, but I WANT to go back!! I could use the fact that we'll be out of the wind for an excuse :D

Or maybe I should write about the time I decided to hook my skis up to the miniature pony and have her pull me in the snow. She pulled me in the snow all right...head first! Instead of going straight she kept wanting to go back to the barn. She'd do a 180* turn bucking and running home while my skis and I were facing the opposite direction. Needless to say...that adventure wasn't even fun. Even when she did go the right way it was a little boring skiing at 2mph :p

Speaking of face in the snow...we decided to go sledding the other day. My sister and I went up last year and had a ball! So we loaded up the little ones and headed out. The place we wanted to go was like an hour or more there, but seeing our options are pretty much limited to just that place (What other hill is there in Wyoming that isn't totally covered in sage brush?) after getting there I realized how cold I really was! It was so sunny I didn't really dress up to much. Anyway, my younger sisters started complaining about how little the hill was. "I thought you said we'd be going down a steep hill!" "It IS steep once you get to the top!" "This is so's not even going to be fun." Well, after they got to the top it took them five minutes to get the courage to come down! haha I literally forced my youngest sister onto the sled and told her I was going to let go whether she hung on or not. After forcing her fingers to hold onto the sled I let her fly! Needless to say, that one ended in tears. Yeah, I'm pretty much the meanest sister ever now. After going down only three times we decided to head home. We were cold, and my sisters brand new inter tube she bought popped on the second time down. It was fun though...

I'm looking forward to a break from keeping such a busy schedule with Christmas coming up. I love going to BSF, but doing my homework everyday gets to be a lot sometimes, and I do feel a little pressured when I don't have it all finished. I think that's why I learn so much from it, because I'm actually forced heavily encouraged to get into scriptures and study and learn so much. Every week I am amazed at our Almighty God! I can feel His Spirit in me so much more when I'm actually spending time in His word. It's awful that I'm looking forward to a break, really.

Speaking of Christmas, what do you all think about celebrating Christmas? I've seriously had my doubts as to whether we should celebrate it at all because of its pagan origins, and I can find lots of scripture to support my facts, but is it worth making a stink over whether we should celebrate it or not? I don't times I think we should stay away from it, because what harm would it do to stay away from it? Where as, it could bring sorrow to God if He sees us trying to mix paganism with Christianity. Other times I think of it as an absolute good, and as long as our hearts are right, and we keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas. I guess I'm like the double-minded man spoken of in James--driven with the wind and tossed :)

Oh, and that reminds me that I desperately need to put a new background on my blog! I stuck the present one on early this spring thinking I'd change them as the season changed. Julie, you can be such an idiot! Wish I knew how to make my own backgrounds :D (Not that I would do them! haha)

Well, apparently I have nothing important to say on here, so maybe I should get off the computer and do something profitable. Yes, I know this post is just a lot of mixed up brumble...I have no mind whatsoever today!

Until next time let us continue to run our race with patience, looking to the Lord for direction, and look forward (without fear) to the journey set before us!