Saturday, July 23, 2011

Little Pleasures In The Midst Of Chaos!!

The last couple weeks my life has been-in my mind anyway- a complete chaos! Not because anything traumatic, or even drastic happened. Its just life in general has been so busy! When I think of the times I work and the time I have home you wouldn't think I would feel so overwhelmed. But with irrigation season in now, and starting up a second (Or third) job I feel so pressed all the time. And (Be prepared for the the truth!) It makes me grouchy! At least when I allow it to.

But, there are still some little pleasures that I've been enjoying! The other day it was a beautiful full moon out. And it just happened to be right at the time I had my Saturday of the month off. So, I packed my sleeping bag on the back of my trusty stead and headed to the hills. It was GORGEOUS out! After riding a couples hours I picketed my horse beside the road, climbed in my sleeping bag and tried to sleep. (Saying tried because my horse felt ultra lonely that night and felt it necessary to keep calling out to his friends in hopes of and answer) The next morning I rode till like noon...just enjoying the time I was able to do this. I know its crazy but other than when my cousins came out, and going to a week-end horse clinic, this was the first time I was able to ride longer than like 30 minutes this year. It was great! I was starved by the time I got back, as I wasn't planning on riding in the morning. But it sure was nice! (Later I found out where I camped was within a mile of where a grizzly sow with three cubs has been hanging around )

The rest of my pleasures wasn't nearly as fun, but still a little refreshment :) A day of softball or volley ball here and there. A few moments of holding one of my siblings on my lap, (One of my favorite highlights!) Ice cream sandwiches, seeing two little bitty baby deer playing on the road, picking and eating tons of my fresh garden strawberries, and the last two days--sneaking off and drivings dads truck twice...trying to learn how to drive stick shift :p Okay, I didn't sneak off...I just did it without permission! LOL Call it my adventurous side...

Anyway, even though I pretty much dread doing irrigation for an hour of my precious time a day; life has been good this year! Next year I hope to get to do more (I said that last year!) Until then I'm going to enjoy every little pleasure I can get! (You'd never think a person could get so giddy at being able to pet a kitten for 5 whole minutes!)

Hopefully I'll be careful not to speed to much to enjoy the view as I continue to go on my journey through life on this earth :)

Note: My intentions for this post was not to complain about being busy. I realize there are some things I can cut out to make more time. I think busyness has been and is good for me. Otherwise I find myself getting lazy-sleeping in and not getting a whole lot done during the day. This post is meant to be a 'thankful' post because I AM thankful for all the little sweet things that happen so that I can have a busy life without wanting to kill myself over it! (The temptation is always there though! lol j/k)

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Thankful For A Higher Power!

Have you ever been really REALLY mad at somebody? So mad that you actually shook?

I hate to admit it, but a couple years ago that was me. :-( There were a couple ladies that truly wronged my sister and I. These were ladies that I really liked and thought a lot of, and what made me so mad was that I went way out of my way trying to make sure that I treated these ladies as best as I could, and they knew that they were deliberately planning to do this to me.
Now I think I can honestly say that I've never really had a problem loving everybody. I like normal people, and I like weird people, I admire those that keep silent, and I admire those that can think of things to say. There are some people that I feel that I can't connect to as well, but I still like them :)
But, after these ladies did what they did to us, I was MAD! I didn't 'hate' these ladies, but I was super mad at them (So mad in fact, that I shook!) And the sad thing is that I WANTED to be mad. I had a REASON to be mad! THEY were the ones that wronged us for no reason, and everybody knew it!
One day as I was driving to work (I love driving to work, that's when I get most of my thinking done!) I got to thinking about my anger. I knew I had a decision to make...whether to let my thoughts lay in anger, or to forgive. I KNEW what the right choice was (duh!) but in my mind I didn't think it would ever be possible to love these ladies again! Even if I forgave them (Which I kind of thought I already did at that point) I didn't think I could ever talk to them again without being super angry at them. And oh boy! Did I ever feel like being angry!! I just wanted to hang on to that anger with all that I had! However, I knew that this was NOT of God, and if I didn't listen to the Lord I would be listening to Satan.
I already knew that there was no way I could forgive these ladies on my own, but in my car that day I just BEGGED for the power to not only forgive, but to want to forgive (Because I knew it was not right) and to be able think about these ladies without feeling like my heart was being cut out from inside me. In MY mind it was impossible, and it would have been without the Holy Spirit living inside me! He answered my prayer :-) With His help it really wasn't that hard... I still felt that pang of hurt for a long time (And still do at times) It had to be Him because there was no way I could!
I am SO THANKFUL for the POWER that we can have in the LORD! He is so awesome and powerful!
And looking back, I think this whole ordeal was good for me, because I was able to see and feel Him working in my own life, and feel His power. As well as know that when I put my trust in Him He will not fail to keep His promises and give me the ability to overcome sin when I oh, so long to hold on to it!
And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lost Camera!!

I LOST MY CAMERA!!! *sniff* *sniff*

Right before Kim and Kevin came out I lost my camera, so I have absolutely NO pictures to remember their trip by! And Kandis was soo stinking cute!

That was also right before July 4th, which is my favorite time of year.

It was also right before my beloved cousins came out!

Argh! I could pull all my hair out! (But then if I DO find my camera I'll look stupid)

So yeah, I haven't posted anything on here for awhile because of that. My posts just seem so blah if I don't have pictures to add to them. And its been missing for awhile. I even offered a reward for it, but to no avail :(

That being said. It was GREAT to get to see Kevin, Kim, and Kandis again. We went rafting, and got to babysit Kandis a whole morning while they went 4-wheeling :) She is such a sweet and good baby. I love baby smiles and she smiled a LOT!

We had a good 4th too. Some of our cousins came out that day, so we went to the rodeo, then watched fireworks.

We also went horseback riding (Which is always a highlight for me!!) It was so awesome. Our horses were really energetic and we ran full speed a lot! It was super fun! I SO WISH I had a couple pictures of it!

Guess I'll have to look a little...uh I mean a lot...more for my camera!

Just thought I'd pop in and complain a little about my missing camera :p