Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Through The Eyes Of My Boss

So...I started a new job recently, and thought for the dumb of itId put myself into my bosses shoes. Or maybe more accurately, put my bosses brain into my skull for awhile ;)

Please note: Quotation marks in regular print is THINKING, and quotation marks in bold is actual quotations ;)

*ZzzzZzzzZzzz* *Snork!* "Oh my! I must have slept pretty well, the TV is being re programed so it HAS to be past 3:00am!" *Drinks a sip of water and stretches her arm* "I can't seem to get comfortable, maybe I'll have the new girl stick some cream on my knees and feed me. Come to think of it, I don't think I've had my night pills yet." "Julie! Put some of that cream on my knees." "Julie?!?!" "She must be sleeping on the floor."

 (Maybe I should mention here that my boss is bed-fst, and can only lay down on one side, facing the opposite of the chair I normally sit in, so she couldn't turn around and see if I was there or not)

"Julie! Help! Julie!" "Ah, she is sleeping good! Wonder what makes her think she is allo
wed to sleep when I'm paying her to work for me!" "JULIE!!" *sigh* "I wish she'd get up! My throat is getting horse" "Julieeeee! Wake up!!!" "Maybe if I throw this box of dirty Kleenex's over the bed it'll land on her and wake her up. Its light enough it shouldn't hurt her." *Tosses the Kleenex's over the bed, hears it bounce around and hit the trash can. No movement from Julie* "Stupid new girl. Can't get ANY decent help around here now days! I can't believe this! "Juuuuulllliiieeeee" "Its hopeless! First thing I do in the morning is fire her! I can't have someone who falls asleep on the job, let alone someone who can't wake up!" "Julie?!?!" "No, I got that wrong, first thing I do when she wakes up is fire her NOW!" "Julie, wake up!" "Well, if SHE won't answer I guess I'll have to call my husband. Hope he hears me! I'm horse now." "Honey!?!?! Honey, can you come in here! Please?" "He probably is in bed" "Honey?!?! ANYBODY!! please come in here!" "Grrr, I can't stand that new girl. I'm so mad I could kill her right now! *Sigh* (This continues on for around 20inutes)
"Well, I guess its hopeless to try calling anybody. I might as well lay here and hope to fall back asleep"
"Hello! Mrs____ how are you doing?" "There's Julie! Wonder what she was doing outside my room, looks like she just came in the door" "So you FINALLY woke up! Its about time!" "Me?" says the new girl "I wasn't asleep, I just got here" "What?!?! She JUST got here? Surely she was supposed to come in at midnight" "What time is it?" "11:54" The new girl replied."Oh! I thought it was 4:30 or something. The TV is doing its 'circles'" "Oh, says Julie That's just on rest mode because you didn't change channels or anything for awhile, it thinks you're asleep" "Well, Where is my husband?!?! I've been calling for somebody for a half an hour!" "Your husband fell asleep in his chair, I passed him in the living room coming in here and he was sleeping with Roo (The cat) on his lap." "Oh, well my pillows don't feel good, and I'm hungry, I need my blood sugar checked, and I"m freezing! Turn off that fan first thing! I've been yelling to my throat hurts trying to get someones attention, that stupid TV tricked me into thinking it was later. Will you put the blanket on me? I got so cold"....*And thus continued the night/day*

Just a simple misunderstanding, and the accidental falling asleep of her husband. She was pretty upset when I arrived, but she realized that all the noise and Kleenex's didn't work because I wasn't even there...

It was nobodys fault, just something that happened. No harm done.

I still have a feeling that she was put out with me for the rest of the night though!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Style Of Huckleberry Picking

All of my siblings know that I have a very big 'Huckleberry Tooth' anything with huckleberrys has GOT to be good! (Have you ever tried huckleberry ice cream?!?! Good stuff!)

Sunday afternoon my brother and I decided to go riding in the hills somewhere. We couldn't go too far because it was 2:20 till we got to the trail head, but I was sure excited! This is the only time I was able to go in the mountains this year :D Other than going on the BLM up behind our house.

Heading up was absolutaly BEAUTIFUL! Down at the bottom it was very woodsy and brushy. You can imagine my surprise when I seen huckleberry plants, with lots of ripe huckleberries!! Other than seeing them once in Jackson I haven't seen any since we were in Idaho! Whew! I was excited :D :D

Getting to the top was also beautiful. There were hillsides of flowers of all kinds of colors. Even pink! Is it just my imagination, or does it seem like pink flowers in the rocky mountains are extremely rare?

Oh, but here I am getting off the subject. Oops. Time to get back on track.

Growing up I always thought it would be 'so cool' to live in a place where you could go berry picking. Other than being tons of wild raspberries around (Which I don't need cause I grow my own) I never seen other berries. So, I decided I was going to go berry picking the next chance I got! Yeehawww!

Monday evening I got of work early. Great! It would be a nice time to meet my siblings in town and head up for a few hours. Turns out they didn't get the house clean and supper ready in time, so they weren't going to be able to go. What a disapointment! But, what if the berries dry up before we get to go out again?!?! I decided to cowgirl up and do it alone.

But, a well known fact is that where there is berries, there IS going to be bears. I decided to be smart and err on the smart side, so I stopped on the way out to buy a flashlight in case I stayed out too long, and bear spray. "Isn't my parents going to be so proud that I'm a cautious person, and wasting my time buying bear spray? They are going to be pleased with me tonight!" I thought.

Yeah right....

JUST when I was going to head out mom called. Apparently when dad heard I was going up there he said HE sure wouldn't do it! The more he thought about it, the more he didn't want me to go...anyway, he thought it would be better to err on the smart side and just not go at all. Especially since you really don't get that many berries anyway.

So, after cancelling a horse date, and getting off work early, and buying two flashlights and a $50.00 can of bear spray I decided to err on the smart side and just not go at all. :-)

So then I was able to go home and have a wonderful time messing around outside with the little ones, picking raspberries--and not having to keep a look-out for bears.

 And the next time I think about going huckleberry picking I'll just stop by walmart and buy a pack of blueberries :D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Perfect Day For A Sarcastic Optimist

So far today it has been such a wonderful day! :D

I woke up later than normal, so I was able to get out of doing my chores for this morning; that way everybody can get mad at me for having to do my work. I just LOVE making them all do my work! Then I remembered that I forgot to get my kennel down from the top shelf for a friend to pick up tomorrow. Yup! I get to make them do that too :D

Getting to work my computer wouldn’t get internet. Yippie!! I have other things I needed to get done anyway.

Later mom texted me and wanted to know if I wanted her to stop by at work. My boss was sleeping, so I got to tell her that she couldn’t come see me. Yeehaw…I just love it when I’m lonely and bored at work and I get the chance to tell my loving family that they can’t come see me…

Today is Tuesday--aka shower day--so I had the privilege of getting to try to force him to take a shower. Its just so fun being the hated one because shower days always end up being on my day, so I get to be the one to play the ‘mind’ game and see if I can’t make others ‘think’ that they ‘want’ to do something. I always enjoy a challenge now and then!

Just now the best part of the day happened. I went in the back room with a large cup of juice and pills to administer to my boss. After taking the pills there was still a nice 3/4th glass of grape juice left. Walking out the door I decided it would be fun to drop the glass of juice and see how far I could get it to splash on his white carpet. Whoopie!! Did it ever splash! It splattered in a full ten foot circle. I always enjoyed cleaning a ton of teeny tiny drops all over the walls and white carpet.

Luckily it took me a full hour and half to get it all cleaned up. I was hoping I would be able to find plenty of things to do today J I got to use up a full spray bottle of carpet spot cleaner--who else gets to use a whole bottle in one day? Its only going to cost me around 15 bucks to replace it.

Not only that…but in a few minutes I get to email his daughter and tell her that if the spots still show after the carpet dries then I’ll be happy to pay to get his carpets professionally cleaned. Its always so much fun to spend money on something that I wouldn’t get to spend it on if I wasn’t so smart as to find ways to spend it! After all, I’m making way more money than I want to, so its been extremely hard to find ways to spend it on. Who wants to buy a stupid set of horse training DVDs anyway?!?!

Its been GREAT! Now if I can just get the day to stay the same way its been going then I’ll be happy and content all day. Its good to be happy and content. Your nerves has a way to rest that way……believe me I should know!