Friday, May 27, 2011

*Hearts* Spring!!

Spring is here! Spring is here!! YAY :D

With it warming up outside we've been able to go out more without freezing our tails off! (By the way, you DID notice that we don't have tails, right? We obviously had a cold winter!) Heehee

Time to get the horses and and have some ranch style family time ;)

Isn't this where they ALWAYS stop?!?!

Apparently David ditched the horse riding idea, since he's not as strong as the stuborn, food-loving horse :-p

Ready to go!

Letter writting

Last Sunday I went bear hunting with Dad, Joe, and Duane. I rode my new mare, but because she still needs a lot of sacking out in the saddle I decided against turning around in the saddle to get my camera out of the saddlebag so I only got ONE picture of my perfect day :-(
My (new) mare getting ready to head out :-)
She doesn't look wild does she?!?!

 With summer coming on I'm sure that we will have many more beautiful Wyoming days. Hopefully we will take time to smell the roses and enjoy it <3

Ranch Rodeo

I love going to ranch rodeos!! Especially since they're free :D

I also love the fact that they don't have the loud music, or the clowns stupid jokes that 50 years ago would be considered outrageous, but now are supposed to be funny.
I do go to the Cody night rodeo sometimes, but its nothing like the close 'everybody knows everybody' down home type ranch rodeos.

We had the Cody Wild West days a couple weeks ago and I got a few snaps of the (ranch) rodeo :-)

Going through the rules

One of the two teams I was rootin' for...mostly because they had two girls :)

Shooting balloons


Unfortuanatly I didn't end up getting very pictures, and totally missed out on all the really exciting stuff like the wild cow milking and wild cow riding. But, it was fun!

The horses are so amazing. I would just LOVE to learn how to train and ride like that. It reminded me of how little I really know, and it kind of gave me a temporary determination to learn more...I say temporary because after I got my head out of the clouds and realized that it takes time and money that I don't have it would have to be 'cut out' but it still looks super fun and maybe some day...yeah!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feelings of Failure :-(

I'm starting to realize that a lot of my main goals in life is become quite a failure :( I had intentions that I thought were for the good, but with the business of life I tend to forget to persue all of what I really wanted in the first place! Ahh, today has been such a discouraging day for me! First off, I found one thing that I all of a sudden realized I was not paying attention to, and then came the avalanche of the many many things that I wanted to accomplish or learn, or be that have been on the back-burner. Now I can't seem to get rid of the guilt for loosing sight of what was most precious to me.

On the other hand- other than today- I have been feeling extremely blessed!! Life has been good to me. In so many ways I have the perfect life. A great home, family, and lifestyle, along with a steady(for now) income in a job that allows me the flexibility of getting other misc. hobby's done at the same time (blogging :D) My family has certainly spoiled me ;-) For instance, this past couple weeks my dad has agreed to let me have a dog, agreed to let me go to a week-end clinic, brought home a couple corral panels that I've been dreaming of getting, mentioned fixing his packsaddle I broke (guilty look), had me check my tires because ones going flat...that's just to mention of few of his ever-watching kindness. Of course, the rest has been wonderful to me too! Doing my chores while I'm at work, helping me do things at home, getting excited about my dog :p Basically supporting me and spoiling me more than I deserve!

I do feel that the Lord has blessed me immensely. Now if I can just work a little on becoming a *lady* that I should be, without loosing out on the *fun* <3

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Challenge

May Challenge:

Oh be careful little eyes what you see,
Oh be careful little eyes what see,
There's a Father up above,
And He's looking down in love,
So be careful little eyes what you see.

Oh be careful little ears what you hear,
Oh be careful little ears what you hear,
There's a Father up above,
And He's looking down in love,
So be careful little ears what you hear.

This was probably one of the first songs I learned when I was a little girl. It goes on to say for the feet to be careful where they walk, and the hands what they do, etc. but this month I'm going to focus on the eyes and ears. Its called using your head!! :D

Satan has so much ways to tempt us, and he always has and always will use whatever tool he can to get us to falter. The last while Media has been a HUGE tool in his hand I think. I'm not saying media is wrong, but as a tool in the wrong hand it can do major damage.

I have decided to follow Christ, and as part of that decision I have decided to OBEY Christ. When He said not to take the name of the Lord our God in vain He meant it! I think the Jews had a good idea when they decided not to use His name at all, rather than the chance that it be taken in vain. His name is so Holy-so majestic- how DARE we even listen to others take it with such little regard?!?!

I'm not just talking about swearing here either. There are many things that God has given us, that the world has turned around and desecrated. Or that Satan has given us, for reasons you very well know why.

As Christians we should NOT put up with this! Imagine the huge difference we could make to Hollywood if everybody who CLAIMED to love God put their action into words and threw a huge fit anytime a movie came out that did not honor Him. A large percent of population claims to be Christians, but the name Christian should only belong to those who follow Christ, in word, in spirit, truth, and charity. Are there some good movies? Yes, but the majority is not. So, how do you tell the difference? There are times when I've turned on a movie that was supposedly a good christian movie and I've had to turn it off during the middle. DON'T BE DECEIVED INTO ALLOWING YOURSELF TO 'JUST FINISH THIS ONE, ITS NOT TO BAD' If we aren't willing to turn it off, what will keep us from 'trying the next one to see if its good' and then, of course, not turning it off because you started the story and want to finish it.

This months challenge is just focusing on DVDs, but I would highly recommend that you keep track of every DVD, every music CD, every book, and any other thing that uses language or scenes not pleasing to God. He created us for HIS glory, not to be entertained by life and our own imaginations. :-)

This months Challenge:
Go through all your DVDs (even your books and Cd's if you can) and get rid of anything and everything that isn't 100% free of any swearing, cussing, or sexual scenes. In some cases you might want to check out violence as well. I'm not quite as picky about violence myself, but pray about it, and get rid of ANYTHING that isn't pleasing to the Lord.
Keeping our minds clean as possible of this will help us as we journey on through life, believe me, it will!