Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Summary of Spring

Springtime has sprang and sprung. I kept thinking I would post different posts of some of the activities and things I did...but with my computer breaking down, and time a-flying, and the lack of exciting pictures I'm pretty late in doing so. So anyway, I thought I would do a quick and not very exciting summary of my spring. :)

In April we went back to the Eastern side of the US and visit relatives in several different states. It was SUCH a blessing to see loved ones, some of whom I haven't seen for several years.

We stayed with some cousins in Ohio

In May Joe and Duane went riding/bear hunting and Kaylena and I decided to join them just for the ride. 
We had a lot more rain than usual this spring, and Joe's horse ended up sinking to his waist/belly in mud.

This was right as Joe was telling me to quite taking pictures and help :p

There is absolutely NO BETTER PLACE to take a nap than in the sun up on a mountain! Of course, it was cloudy, and rainy that day...but I still got my nap in overlooking this view :)
For some reason I didn't see any bears :/?

Rode right by this young bull-who thought we we're pretty weird looking

In June we planted our garden. As of now it is producing beautifully (except for the peas) but that's cheating, I'll have to save that for another post!

It was so totally a WONDERFUL spring! I had a lot more time off work and got to do a lot more 'fun' things than usual...along with the sweet little hidden things that makes life blueberry milkshakes!

A neighborhood friend invited Karissa and I to go explore Spirit Mountain Cave with them. Unfortunately most of my pictures turned out terrible due to the dust getting in the lens...but I did get one of Karissa. We had so much fun. I totally loved spending time with them :) I forgot how fun and cute kids and their comments can be :D

In addition to my fun moments I started training a couple horses. I have thoroughly enjoyed (almost) every moment of it! In fact...I fell so in love with them that I've been offering to buy!! I hate the thought of spending all the time working with them (which really amounted to quite a lot!) and never riding them again...but, on the flip side my horse has hardly been ridden and has gotten to be quite 'stiff' :/ Like they always take time for something else besides your own! 

There were a lot of other super fun, and sometimes not so fun moments...but unless they are captured by a camera it just doesn't seem the same. But, at least the fact remains that I DID have a wonderful and beautiful spring, and that I AM alive and still kicking in spite of my supposed absence. there is proof that I got my computer fixed...$300 later. So, hopefully I will start to continue blogging, even if it's only for the reason of my own reminiscing :D