Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Going au' natural

I’ve come to the conclusion that Wyoming has some of the best sliding boards EVER! I’m not talking about them crazy man-made plastic sliding boards that shock you every time you go down. Neither am I talking about them factory-made metal ones that get so hot in the summer you can take a little butter and fry an egg on them…I’m talking about NATURAL sliding boards! It is the ‘in’ thing to do…go all natural/green isn’t it? Heehee

God has given us many many ways we can have fun. I can’t even imagine all the different styles of slides that he invented for our imaginations :p

My favorite of them all is the snow-filled mini canyons in the mountains. They vary is size, and during the summer half of them turn into little water runways that run into the brooks, which runs into the creek. Its crazy fun to sit down in one of them in the middle of summer…spread your skirt out like a sled and wee wee wee all the way down the mountain! It can be very adventurous, as there are lots of little nooks and turns and quite often you will run into rocks, as I did when a group of us all went hiking with some young people after Kims wedding. We climbed the backside of Sheep mountain and coming down we came upon a nice looking ‘slide’ A guy who’s name will remain anonymous went first to ‘scout’ the slide followed by me. Now maybe I should mention that it had been pretty warm, and the snow in this particular place had melted halfway then frozen over, creating a super rough icy-type of snow. So anyway, heading down it got to be a little bit more icy than I had though. Here I am sliding down at a super crazy speed trying to turn my body with all the nooks and crannies that this particular place had. I couldn’t put my hands down to slow myself down because the snow was so rough, and had I put my hand down it would be sanded down to nothing in no time flat. I try to use my feet to slow myself down which then enables my skirt to become a natural parachute (Which did absolutely nothing to slow me down!) When Mr. Scout stops because there is a huge rock with a foot and half drop on the other side. Here I am speeding down the mountian with my feet trying to dig into icy snow, my skirt flying, and my fingers frantically clawing at the sand-papery snow. I got slowed down a little…but not enough. Lucky for me our scout decided to stop me before hitting the rock…Whoosh! Before I know it, there I was sitting practically on his lap squishing his poor hand under a rock. I have no idea how I looked but I imagine my face was quite red. How is that for a little excitement?!?!

Another well-known-to-me slide is the neck of a horse. What? You’ve never slidden down the neck of a horse? Its really quite easy. All you need is a horse who loves to eat! Start running him/her bareback through the grass (alpha-alpha is the best recommendation) you can bet pretty soon he’ll see a piece of grass that he just HAS to have! He knows that if he starts to slow down he just get told to speed up again, so he waits till he’s about 6 inches away, slams on his breaks with his head down (He’s getting ready to eat, remember?) Of course those on his back will one of two things. They will either do a flip through the air and land on their backside in something nasty like a cactus, cowpie or something else of that nature. OR the more experienced ones will not-so-gracefully slide right on down the neck of your trusty steed without a scratch but looking extremely more sunburnt on the face than they did 10 seconds before…

Our most popular slide (One that we take all our company on heehee) is rockslides. Yeehaw! Of course, it requires a terribly exhausting hike firsthand because you have to climb a really loose shale type rock covered mountain. You know, the kind that you climb three feet up and slide two feet back (In my case its two and a half feet back :p) When you get to the top after resting and declaring loudly how ‘so not worth it’ it was you can slide down the whole thing! It really is quite awesome and fun. Of course, you want to be a little careful because it can imitate a really large type of sandpaper which can be quite painful at full speed, which you never notice till you get to the bottom anyway, and by then its to late.

There are many more great slides out here. But I think I’ll leave them for the imagination of those who are tough enough to find them themselves, either by accident or on purpose.

Come to think of it, maybe I should become a designer for six flags and make the worlds biggest slide-- imitating natures best--think it will make people stop and think about how awesome our God really is?!?!