Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Combo :D

Recently I've done a personal blog post on my family's blog and put a bunch of pictures on facebook. However, since I have some different readers on my blog than the families, and since not everybody got to see the pictures I put on facebook I decided to combine the two and make it into another post. Sorry to those few of you who read the families blog AND are on my facebook :p

These two posts really don't have much in common, but they ARE both about horses (And my obsession with them) so I am allowed to combine them. Right?!?! After all, it's not totally the same...I changed a word here and there-ish.

These here are pictures of my mare :)
 Yup! She is def prego!
 I absolutely love her mane!
 Baby is getting back cinch :)
 Oh, so fun!


 Let's try some counter-flexing here
Doing the 'running walk...' which I have a hard time getting her into

 Yup, I sore do...
 Love this...
 Horse 'o mine!

Last week I had the coolest opportunity to buy the most awesomesthorse! He is a (registerable) 4 year old Tennessee Walker gelding that not only is a half brother to the foal I'm expecting, BUT related in three different ways to Roy Roger's horse Trigger (Jr.) The part that I liked the best was that he was extremely cheap :D So, I did what all smart people do and bought him!

However, I have been struggling with making sure my priorities are in the right place. Because of taking reigning classes with my mare the past 6 weeks I've spent an extreme amount of time riding and working with my horse. And even though that in itself is not wrong, I've started feeling like I've been placing that above some other things important to me. (Like spending time with my siblings, or doing my share of the work) So after praying about it I decided to place it on the Lords hands, and be willing to do whatever He wants me to do.

I heard my Uncle was looking for a horse, so I decided that I'd sell it to him for the same price I bought him for, and if he bought him, fine. If he didn't I'd train him for a few months and sell him at a nice profit later on this year (Or next :)) Or maybe even keep would be so cool to have a horse related to my favorite star, and he sure looked like he'd turn out to be an awesome one! I asked the Lord to lead in whatever way He wanted for me.

My uncle did end up buying him, and as much as I'm tempted to be depressed because I like him so much and feel like I gave up a deal of a lifetime, I am also glad because I do know in my heart that I decided to give it to the Lord, and I feel like this is His answer to prayer. It's better for me, my family, and definitely for my uncle, of whom I may tend to be a teeny tad bit jealous of :p lol

 As much as I LOVE working with horses I've been feeling like the Lord has been telling me to quit making it as much of a priority. However, now that that is over and done I'm having some serious drawbacks, and as much as I want to (and thought I did) give it over to the LORD I find myself a little bitter-ish or angry-is that that is what He wanted me to do...and I cry...a lot because of my own selfishness. I know that He had His hand in this, but if all of you all could pray for me I would REALLY appreciate it.  =)