Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Perfect Day For A Sarcastic Optimist

So far today it has been such a wonderful day! :D

I woke up later than normal, so I was able to get out of doing my chores for this morning; that way everybody can get mad at me for having to do my work. I just LOVE making them all do my work! Then I remembered that I forgot to get my kennel down from the top shelf for a friend to pick up tomorrow. Yup! I get to make them do that too :D

Getting to work my computer wouldn’t get internet. Yippie!! I have other things I needed to get done anyway.

Later mom texted me and wanted to know if I wanted her to stop by at work. My boss was sleeping, so I got to tell her that she couldn’t come see me. Yeehaw…I just love it when I’m lonely and bored at work and I get the chance to tell my loving family that they can’t come see me…

Today is Tuesday--aka shower day--so I had the privilege of getting to try to force him to take a shower. Its just so fun being the hated one because shower days always end up being on my day, so I get to be the one to play the ‘mind’ game and see if I can’t make others ‘think’ that they ‘want’ to do something. I always enjoy a challenge now and then!

Just now the best part of the day happened. I went in the back room with a large cup of juice and pills to administer to my boss. After taking the pills there was still a nice 3/4th glass of grape juice left. Walking out the door I decided it would be fun to drop the glass of juice and see how far I could get it to splash on his white carpet. Whoopie!! Did it ever splash! It splattered in a full ten foot circle. I always enjoyed cleaning a ton of teeny tiny drops all over the walls and white carpet.

Luckily it took me a full hour and half to get it all cleaned up. I was hoping I would be able to find plenty of things to do today J I got to use up a full spray bottle of carpet spot cleaner--who else gets to use a whole bottle in one day? Its only going to cost me around 15 bucks to replace it.

Not only that…but in a few minutes I get to email his daughter and tell her that if the spots still show after the carpet dries then I’ll be happy to pay to get his carpets professionally cleaned. Its always so much fun to spend money on something that I wouldn’t get to spend it on if I wasn’t so smart as to find ways to spend it! After all, I’m making way more money than I want to, so its been extremely hard to find ways to spend it on. Who wants to buy a stupid set of horse training DVDs anyway?!?!

Its been GREAT! Now if I can just get the day to stay the same way its been going then I’ll be happy and content all day. Its good to be happy and content. Your nerves has a way to rest that way……believe me I should know!

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  1. LOL, Julie. I love the way you write!!! :-)