Monday, December 13, 2010

Learn from the border collie :D

Ahh! What beautiful dogs :-)
What I really admire in a border collie though, is not their looks but their loyalty. Even though I know that I would probably never want to own one myself because of their high energy (aka destructive) personality, I still highly admire these dogs!
Years ago we went to some type of tractor auction. An old cowboy had a really dirty straggly border collie. Of course, I love dogs and as soon as the guy went inside I watched this dog--he laid down, eyes on the door, ears up, and watched and waited the whole time until his master returned! I imagine it was probably an hour or so. I tried talking to him but other than glancing my way when I snapped my fingers in front of his face he never took his eyes off of that door!

 Last Saturday on my break from work I went to IGA and watched a man pull up and go into the store. His dog (Border collie) Watched and waited with nothing else on his mind except for his master. It got me to thinking about my last BSF lesson. We were talking about steadfastness, and what it meant.
If only people would look to their master like the border collie does! The 'master' teaches us obedience through Him, and consequences of not obeying. But He also gives us guidance and love and grace which is the only reason we are alive to this day. Do we look at Him in every aspect of life? Is our main goal in life to focus, love, and serve Him?
Do we wait for His return and allow nothing to draw our attention from it?
Not only does the border collie serve his master, but he helps him with bringing in the 'sheep' and guiding them to what the master has in mind for them! 
We have the perfect 'master' who loves us so much He died for us. Shouldn't we take a lesson from these loyal dogs, and be willing to remain faithful and loyal looking to none other than Him even though Satan tries to distract us?

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  1. what a beautiful dog, and our 3 year old agrees :-)