Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lost Camera!!

I LOST MY CAMERA!!! *sniff* *sniff*

Right before Kim and Kevin came out I lost my camera, so I have absolutely NO pictures to remember their trip by! And Kandis was soo stinking cute!

That was also right before July 4th, which is my favorite time of year.

It was also right before my beloved cousins came out!

Argh! I could pull all my hair out! (But then if I DO find my camera I'll look stupid)

So yeah, I haven't posted anything on here for awhile because of that. My posts just seem so blah if I don't have pictures to add to them. And its been missing for awhile. I even offered a reward for it, but to no avail :(

That being said. It was GREAT to get to see Kevin, Kim, and Kandis again. We went rafting, and got to babysit Kandis a whole morning while they went 4-wheeling :) She is such a sweet and good baby. I love baby smiles and she smiled a LOT!

We had a good 4th too. Some of our cousins came out that day, so we went to the rodeo, then watched fireworks.

We also went horseback riding (Which is always a highlight for me!!) It was so awesome. Our horses were really energetic and we ran full speed a lot! It was super fun! I SO WISH I had a couple pictures of it!

Guess I'll have to look a little...uh I mean a lot...more for my camera!

Just thought I'd pop in and complain a little about my missing camera :p

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  1. aww...hope you find your camera soon!!! I let Shan take all of our pictures, but sometimes our camera dies (like when a little brother washes it) and I hate when we can't take pictures to remember good times.