Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moving horses

I LOVE rounding up the horses and moving them from the fields!
Only, instead of the old-fashion cowboy way of riding up close enough to them and roping them with a lasso we cheat and use grain and 4-wheelers :/
Its a lot faster that way...

 Horses behind us
 Going down (Or should I say up?) the road
 Lead horse #1

Lead horse  #2
Joe's horse (above) is my absolute FAVORITE horse out of our whole herd! I use to think he was super ugly, but his trusting laid-back personality, as well as his spirit and endurance has made him top on my list!
He's a TRUE Tennessee Walker <3


  1. Oh! I love the pictures!! How many horses do y'all have?

  2. We have 14 horses...with a foal on the way :)