Sunday, April 10, 2011

Aprils Challenge

Wow! Here it is the 10th of April and I haven't gotten around to posting my April Challenge! :'(

One of the things I noticed in the Bible is the call to be caring, and support those in need. The reasons the followers of Jesus appointed deacons was for that very reason. However, we people as the church NEED to be careful that we don't always push it off on others, or assume that others are doing it. With food stamps and SS the poverty need may not be quite so important as it was back then, but what about encouragement? Or love? To me that is just as important as physical food.

Working in the home care business I can see a HUGE difference in the lives of the people who have others caring about them. Even if they never see their children, just the knowledge that their kids call, or care gives them a reason to live compared to those who never had children, or feel like they are loved by anybody.

Even if they're not related, can't we as the children of God love the things that God loves, including lonely people, no matter the age? He cares SO MUCH about people...more than we as humans can EVER comprehend!

This months challenge:
 At least once a week find somebody that may be lonely, or busy, but starved for a word of encouragement, or needy, and encourage them! Send them flowers or food. Visit them. Write a card. Talk to the fast food worker on break. ANYTHING, just go give a piece of the sweet pie of Gods love to a starving person!

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