Friday, May 27, 2011

*Hearts* Spring!!

Spring is here! Spring is here!! YAY :D

With it warming up outside we've been able to go out more without freezing our tails off! (By the way, you DID notice that we don't have tails, right? We obviously had a cold winter!) Heehee

Time to get the horses and and have some ranch style family time ;)

Isn't this where they ALWAYS stop?!?!

Apparently David ditched the horse riding idea, since he's not as strong as the stuborn, food-loving horse :-p

Ready to go!

Letter writting

Last Sunday I went bear hunting with Dad, Joe, and Duane. I rode my new mare, but because she still needs a lot of sacking out in the saddle I decided against turning around in the saddle to get my camera out of the saddlebag so I only got ONE picture of my perfect day :-(
My (new) mare getting ready to head out :-)
She doesn't look wild does she?!?!

 With summer coming on I'm sure that we will have many more beautiful Wyoming days. Hopefully we will take time to smell the roses and enjoy it <3

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