Friday, May 27, 2011

Ranch Rodeo

I love going to ranch rodeos!! Especially since they're free :D

I also love the fact that they don't have the loud music, or the clowns stupid jokes that 50 years ago would be considered outrageous, but now are supposed to be funny.
I do go to the Cody night rodeo sometimes, but its nothing like the close 'everybody knows everybody' down home type ranch rodeos.

We had the Cody Wild West days a couple weeks ago and I got a few snaps of the (ranch) rodeo :-)

Going through the rules

One of the two teams I was rootin' for...mostly because they had two girls :)

Shooting balloons


Unfortuanatly I didn't end up getting very pictures, and totally missed out on all the really exciting stuff like the wild cow milking and wild cow riding. But, it was fun!

The horses are so amazing. I would just LOVE to learn how to train and ride like that. It reminded me of how little I really know, and it kind of gave me a temporary determination to learn more...I say temporary because after I got my head out of the clouds and realized that it takes time and money that I don't have it would have to be 'cut out' but it still looks super fun and maybe some day...yeah!

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