Tuesday, March 1, 2011

(Attempted) Painting

A couple years ago mom and Kim bought some paints and took some lessons on how to paint. They had fun while doing so, but in the past years the paints and supplies have pretty much just sat there. So the other night I decided to see if my sister in law would want to try painting-since we happened to have the stuff, and we talked about it earlier :) It was tons of fun! By the end I was tired of it though!

Alyssa's picture in progress

Karissa's and mine. *Please excuse my stupid look!!*

For some reason I loved this picture of Alyssa's...something about mountains coming out of the sky that was just plain neat :)

Our finished work!!
Ta da!

Karissa's Cow

My flowers

JaLynn did Jesus' cross and a picture of her cat slippers

Alyssa's finished piece

We had a lot of fun doing them. I did learn that no matter HOW pretty you think they are going to be in your head it just doesn't turn out the way you imagined you were going to do it!!
Maybe if we do it again before too long we'll still be in a little bit of practise ;)

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