Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Challenge

March Meditation
This year at my ladies Bible study we've been studying how is Israel in Isaiah's time professed faith, but they did not possess faith. I think in this day and age its so easy to say we are going to obey/trust in the the Lord, but then we tend to do our own thing.

So, a great way to posses more faith, is to realize that we have to trust in Him. In Israels day many of them were turning to false gods/idols. Many of them believing that there were more than just the one and only God, the alpha and omega.

We as Christians tend to do the same thing. We might not worship some handmade idol made of gold, but we put other things in place above God. For example, trusting in the fact that if we make enough money for the future that maybe we can have ourselves a nice house, maybe debt-free, so we never have to worry about the bank taking over. And guess what...before we know it we have put our trust in MONEY, thinking that our future will then be 'safe'. Spending more time at work trying to get money than time with God, trying to get to know Him better. OK I know, when you have to work you have to work, and there is nothing wrong with long as you don't place it above God!

It is easy though, to let things or thoughts get their little foot in the door, which is why I'm going to post this challenge for this month. Any meditation on scripture is good, but for this month I'm going to specifically try to remind myself to stay away from and 'idols' that may be trying to wiggle their way into my life.

This Months Challenge
Find out what your potential 'idol' might me. Remember, and idol is ANYTHING that is put higher than God, it may be something good--like family--but if its put higher than God its an idol. Find at least two verses to back you up on why, how, or what you might do to place God first in your life, or how this might be an idol in your life. Basically on how you can be reminded to place God first in your life.
Write these verses down on post-it notes and place them in different places that you would be able to see through-out the day (Sock drawer, fridge, steering wheel of your car, etc.) As you read them this month memorize them, and determine in your heart you are going to put God first in your life <3

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