Monday, March 7, 2011

Monthly Challenges

It can have many challenges and many surprises
So many memories and also come crises'
There are lots of times when you feel like you're failing
And that on the train of life you are de-railing
There is one thing that we all have in common
One on which all of us have fallen on
But it is the most important one
One which we can say we're done
Or that will cause us so much fun

As I journey through life I found that other than God, the most important thing is choices we make! There are so many times I've made some really dumb choices and regretted it. There are also times when I made a choice that I felt was the right thing-and never regretted it.

I will admit to you that I have many faults and failings. But I decided since this is (Close enough to) the beginning of a new month that maybe I would challenge myself to work on one thing that I could choose to try to improve in my life.

Some of these will be stupid I'm sure. But today I realized how much I needed to work on, and a LOT of it is basic stuff! Like taking time to smell the roses :)

As I type I have no idea yet on what my challenges will consist of, but I know most, if not all will take a lot of prayer!

Because I do better when I am accountable to others, I thought that maybe if I would post my monthly challenges...and my strategies for doing them, here on this blog it would hold me more accountable to make sure I try to finish them off. I'm sure I will have many shortcomings and backsliding, but maybe it will help?!?!

Oh, and I would LOVE for others to do these challenges with me <3 Even if you don't do all of them, if you find a month where you think you might want to work on something too, please join me. And let me know if you are going to do them so I know I'm not alone in this challenge :)

You may find my ways of trying to carry out my strategy kind of quirky and wacky at best, and if you find other ways to try the challenge. GO FOR IT!

I'll close this up for now, but you can be sure I'll try to post when I think of what I'm going to start out March with ;)

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